Enac approves new Master Plan for Florence Airport

Florence, 3 November 2014 – Aeroporto di Firenze Spa, the company managing the Amerigo Vespucci airport in Florence, acknowledges with great satisfaction the “conclusion of the preliminary procedure for the technical approval of the new Master Plan for Florence Airport”.   


This is the first step towards that great objective Florence has so long awaited.  The economic and occupational benefits, the day on which the Vespucci development plan will finally be realized will be an exceptional achievement for the whole Florentine area. 


Nevertheless, corporate integration with the Company managing Pisa Airport, as augured by Enac and the Regione Toscana and set out in the National Airport Plan presented by the Government and the Ministry for Infrastructures, will form the basis for important development of the entire regional system.  

The Company undertakes promptly to finalize all formalities necessary for verification of urban planning and environmental compatibility, as set down in current regulations, so as to proceed rapidly to the subsequent stages of the approval process.