Considering the great potential of the Tuscan territory, which is one of the most industrialized areas of Italy and occupies a central position in the central-Southern areas of Europe, Toscana Aeroporti S.p.A.’s strategy is to work for a parallel development of passenger and cargo traffic to establish an identity of the PISA airport as the main cargo gateway to and from Tuscany.

In fact, the Pisa airport has a cargo infrastructure exclusively dedicated to cargo aircraft and Tuscan cargo operators (the “Cargo Village”), equipped with state-of-the-art warehousing and freight transport assistance systems, compliant with the safety and security standards laid down by the sector’s legislation, at the service of both local and national industries.

The Cargo Village is a significant strategic component of the regional logistic platform of Tuscany, being an important intermodal ground/air hub that provides easy access to all the main Italian industrial organizations. It is located at less than 5 hours’ drive from the most densely industrialized Italian regions with the highest import-export flows (Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Lazio) and the most important European production centres

In a strategic geographical position to offer good road connections with the most productive areas of the Country, the Cargo Village at Pisa Airport is the ideal facility for a development of the cargo and mail sector.

Toscana Aeroporti S.p.A.’s Aviation Marketing office constantly supports all the Airlines that are already operating or that are willing to start operating in the cargo sector.
Any Carrier that may have an interest in the cargo and mail development opportunities offered to and from Tuscany are invited to contact the Aviation marketing function of Toscana Aeroporti at the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With total surface of approximately 6,650 square metres, including 4,200 sq.m. of warehouses and 2,450 sq.m. of office premises, the Cargo Village is a building entirely dedicated to cargo operations, which houses not only the cargo activities managed by Toscana Aeroporti S.p.A., but also Couriers’ operations and the main Tuscan cargo operators and freight forwarders.
The Cargo Village space available also includes about 6,950 sq.m. of airside handling/apron areas and 7,300 sq.m. of landside handling/apron areas.

Toscana Aeroporti-PISA S.p.A. built the Cargo Village in compliance with all airport security national and international legislation both regulating procedures and the infrastructure.
The entire area can only be accessed by previously authorized staff and operators. At the entrance of the Cargo Village there is a guard post provided with an intercom, where users can enter the number of the desired cargo client/supplier extension and ask them to be authorized to access the area (the entrance bar wil be opened for the purpose).
In addition to this, the Toscana Aeroporti-PISA Cargo Handling facility is restricted to the holders of a special badge called “Airport Pass”, which is issued by the local ENAC Office.
For information on how to obtain airport passes, directly contact the Pass Office (“Ufficio Permessi”) of Toscana Aeroporti-PISA Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:00 by calling telephone number 050-849538 or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Security checks are carried out on the cargo and mail managed by Toscana Aeroporti-PISA Cargo Handling in compliance with the procedures described in the applicable national and international regulations by qualified security guards (“Guardia Particolare Giurata”) specially certified as “Airport Security Guards”; this latter certification is issued by ENAC after completing strict training courses organized by ENAC Certified Instructors and passing a special examination.


Warehouse & Cargo Agent - Toscana Aeroporti S.p.A.

The Cargo Village has two Toscana Aeroporti S.p.A. cargo storage areas covering a total surface of 1,600 square metres (of which 500 sq.m. outdoor but covered by a canopy), which include a temporary storage warehouse of 580 sq.m..

• The (national and EU) import and export warehouse, qualified to receive all sorts of goods except radioactive materials, has premises for the storage of dangerous and valuable goods and 3 cells that can be used to store food (“HC”, for human consumption) and non-food (“NHC”, not for human consumption) products in a controlled temperature room; two of these cells are designed to store goods in a positive temperature (between 0°C and +8°C), while the third cell is meant for the storage of frozen goods (between -18°C and -22°C).

• The temporary storage bonded warehouse includes:
- premises used as Border Inspection Post, covering a surface of 80 square metres;
- a sector for the storage of HC goods, of 14 square metres;
- a sector for the storage of NHC goods, of 16 square metres;
- warehouses for valuables, medicinal products and dangerous goods, covering 30 square metres;
- a warehouse shelving area of 440 square metres.
This area also includes armour-plated cabinets designed to ensure the safety of valuables and attractive goods, a room temperature storage facility for medicinal products, and an area for the storage of abandoned goods. The HC and NHC sectors are regularly provided of cells for the storage of goods at a positive temperature (between 0°C and +8°C) and cells for the storage of frozen goods (between -18°C and -22°C).

Cargo Agent

The premises of Toscana Aeroporti’s Cargo Agent is located at the first floor of the Cargo Village building (Entrance 1 Stairs) and takes care of all freight forwarding activities, from reception to the shipment and delivery of goods.
Toscana Aeroporti S.p.A. has its own IT network and system for the handling of cargo, which is connected to the Computer Reservation System and to the applications of the various air cargo carriers.


Pisa Airport Cargo Village
Via Asmara, 3b/c
56121 Pisa