Toscana Aeroporti S.p.A is the new management company for Florence and Pisa airports. It was created on June, 1st 2015 through the merger of AdF – Aeroporto di Firenze S.p.A. (the management company of the Florence Amerigo Vespucci airport) and SAT - Società Aeroporto Toscano S.p.A. (the management company of the Galileo Galilei airport of Pisa).

The merger between the two companies represents a crucial step towards the creation of a unified Tuscan airport system, in line with what is set forth in the National Airport Programme approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport. The synergy between the two airports, and the dovetailing of the global offer of the system, will make it possible to expand the number of destinations that can be reached and the airlines operating within them, via adaptation of the respective infrastructures.

The long-term targets of Toscana Aeroporti are to achieve, by 2029: 130 destinations all over the world, 45 airlines and 160 daily flights. The two airports will maintain their specific air traffic specialisation. The Vespucci airport will continue to develop business and leisure traffic through the full-service carriers, linking the main European airports. The Galilei airport will, on the other hand, continue to deal with the tourist traffic managed by low-cost carriers and cargo flights, also focusing on the development of intercontinental flights.

Through the integration of these two companies, Tuscany will be able to rely on one of the most important airport systems in Italy, capable of acting as a driving force for the economic development of one of the best-known and best-loved regions in the world.

Toscana Aeroporti.Together, we fly.