In addition to its role of Airport Operator within the Tuscan Airport System, Toscana Aeroporti also manages Handling activities as Provider of Ground Assistance Services based on Qualification Certificate no. 20 issued by the Italian Civil Aviation body “ENAC” (Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile) and through the “Direzione Aeroportuale Toscana”, Tuscan Airport Directorate on 1 June 2015.

Toscana Aeroporti has played the role of Handler in both Tuscan airports for decades (Pisa since 1980 and Florence since 1984), when they were opened for commercial air traffic.
In addition to the professional expertise of the Airlines, human resources are the most valuable capital of Toscana Aeroporti (“TA”). We promote the continuous growth of our People by enhancing team spirit, career growth and the quality of global results.

We highly value both initial training and continuous update and we devote great constant efforts to meet the high quality standards established by the Airlines, as well as by the Company itself, and the handling staff is qualified to manage a diversified and multifaceted DCS.

Toscana Aeroporti’s customers represent all the components of the global air transport, carriers of the main global alliances, low-cost airlines, all-cargo carriers or couriers, charter flights and, from the Pisa Galileo Galilei airport, long-distance carriers.The quality level of our services is regularly audited and inspected in situ by our Customers to ensure the highest levels and the flexibility required by the multifaceted nature of the market. Toscana Aeroporti is totally committed to perform in the Handling segment, with successful Airlines providing the best possible service to its end-user: the Passenger.

Today Toscana Aeroporti is the fourth airport system in Italy, after the regions Lazio, Lombardia and Veneto.
The aforesaid 2015 ENAC certificatione describes all the activities carried out at the Pisa “Galileo Galilei” airport and Florence “Amerigo Vespucci” airport both directly and through Subcontractors.