Toscana Aeroporti Handling Srl is a ground services provision (Handling) Company, established by Toscana Aeroporti SpA, Airport Operator of Florence and Pisa airports. Previously, TAH was a Business Unit of the Airport Operator that is currently providing TAH of management guidelines being the Handling Company 100% owned by TA and subject to its coordination and control. Toscana Aeroporti Handling owns Ground Handling Provider Certification issued by ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority.


Company core business is to provide ground handling services as outlined in Legislative Decree no.18/1999. ‘Handling’ refers to all services and activities which take place on ground to assist aircraft, passengers and cargo.


Toscana Aeroporti Handling mission is to manage ground handling services at Firenze and Pisa Airports, provide territory and all users (passengers, airlines etc.) with an excellent service in line with the highest safety and qualitative standards and to guarantee shareholder a suitable return on their capital invested. Toscana Aeroporti Handling pursues this mission through its employees and management team. Its corporate value is based on competence, loyalty, team work and mutual trust, within an efficient, effective and appropriately sized company organisation.


Toscana Aeroporti Handling greatest asset, together with the professional experience essential to Airlines, is its personnel which is its driving force for growth. Toscana Aeroporti Handling is committed to its human resources development and promotes a working environment based on teamwork, aiming to both support individual professional development and improve overall results.


Great importance is given to initial and ongoing training and utmost care is taken to meet airline companies’ specific qualitative standards. In addition staff is prepared for managing diverse and dynamic operations requirements within Departure Control.


Toscana Aeroporti Handling Customers are key players of worldwide air transport: global alliance airlines, low-cost carriers, couriers, cargo airlines, charter companies, etc..


Service quality levels are certified by accredited bodies in accordance with ISO9001 standards. Service levels are scrupulously high and subject to regular internal audits and inspections, along with feedback from customers. Service quality levels guarantee efficiency and adherence to regulations, together with the flexibility required in a dynamic sector.


Toscana Aeroporti Handling S.r.l. has launched an Integrated Quality Management System, having obtained a range of certifications. This System improves efficiency and supports successful business management and organisation. Certifications include:
• Health and Safety, as per standard ISO 45001:2018
• Quality, as per standard ISO 9001:2015
• Environment, as per ISO standard 14001:2015
This system is certified for both Pisa and Firenze sites.


Toscana Aeroporti Handling is committed to continuous improvement through both the Integrated Management System and through implementing proper policies on Health and Safety, Quality, Safety Management System, and Environment.


ENAC Certification describes ground handling services carried out at Pisa’s Galileo Galilei Airport and Amerigo Vespucci Airport in Firenze, both in-house and via sub-contractors. .