As part of its strategy, Toscana Aeroporti has developed its role as airport management company. Aiming to be more than simply an operator and manager of airport infrastructures, Toscana Aeroporti is actively involved not only in the operation of Pisa and Florence airports but also in the management and development of traffic passing through them.

The activities carried out by Toscana Aeroporti are organized in two main business areas: “aviation” (aeronautical activities) and “non-aviation” (non-aeronautical activities).

The aviation activities consist mainly of:
(a)  aviation marketing dedicated to the growth of passenger and cargo traffic of Pisa and Florence airports and network of destinations connected with them;
(b)  ground handling services management (ground handling), that includes all services dedicated to satisfying ground assistance needs for aircraft, passengers and goods.

The non-aviation activities consist in exploiting the airports' real estate and commercial capacities and are managed by the Company through sub-contracts to third parties and/or through direct handling.

With its numerous aeronautical, real estate and commercial activities, Toscana Aeroporti is your right partner to develop your aeronautical or commercial business!
Pisa and Florence airports offer many opportunities to airlines, companies and professionals who wish to launch a business in this exceptional environment!

In the following links you will find all the informations and contacts useful for undertaking an important partnership with Toscana Aeroporti to develop your own business at Pisa and Florence airports.


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